Foundation One has announced that The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a “breakthrough device” that has the potential to match cancer patients with more accurate individualized treatment regiments with just one test. This test will push the boundaries of personalized medicine as it might allow us to choose better treatments that are most likely to be effective for specific types of cancer — and to make those decisions sooner.

Is Salvage Surgery Effective After Failed Radiation Therapy?

If you have a recurrence of your prostate cancer after primary radiation therapy can a salvage radical prostatectomy (SRP) provide you with any benefits?

Hormone Therapy Negatively Impacts African American Men

A study found that African American men had a higher rate of death from non-prostate cancer problems than non-African American men after receiving short-term hormone therapy (ADT) prior to having brachytherapy (seeds).  There are significant implications beyond this research for African Americans using ADT for any purpose, including he treatment of advanced (progressive) prostate cancer.

Doxorubicin A Less Know Off Label Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy Option

Doxorubicin is a not well known and off label chemotherapy treatment option for prostate cancer.  It has a number of side effects, but it does enhance docetaxel chemotherapy, making it more effective.

Doxorubicin A Less Know Off Label Chemotherapy Option

Apalutamide - An Oral Androgen Receptor Inhibitor for Non-Metastatic CRPC

An application has been made to the FDA for apalutamide, a possible hormonal treatment for men who are castrate resistant, but not yet metastatic.

A Fatal Flaw in the Clinical Trial Consenting Process

More than a majority of cancer patients do not understand that if they enter into a clinical trial they have no guarantee that they will receive the investigational treatment that they believe their doctor wants them to receive!  More transparent clinical trial consenting procedures need to be immediately instituted. 

A Real-World Analysis Of Outcomes of Early Chemotherapy in Men Newly Diagnosed With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Recent research has concluded that for men who are going to use early chemotherapy along with hormone therapy, chemotherapy should be delayed, allowing at least three weeks to pass after starting the hormone therapy before commencing the chemotherapy treatments.