RADAR Trial Shows Longer ADT with Radiotherapy is Superior to Short-Term ADT and Radiotherapy

The 10-year outcomes from the RADAR phase 3 trial were recently published.  The results showed that men with locally advanced prostate cancer who were treated with six months of androgen suppression therapy (ADT) and prostatic radiotherapy did not do as well as those who were treated with 18 months of ADT and radiation.

 A third arm of the trial also added 18 months of zoledronic acid to the longer ADT term.  This third arm did not receive any benefit from the addition of the zoledronic acid.  

 The RADAR Trial included 1,071 men who were followed for a median of 10.4 years.  


 The Lancet Oncology — Denham JW, et al. | December 21, 2018