Prostate Cancer

Insights into the Management of Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer

How best to treat oligometastatic prostate cancer is still not clear, but there are several on-going studies designed to determine what should be best practices.  Although not yet completed, these studies do indicate that metastasis-directed therapy (MDT) and local therapy targeted to the primary tumor (in the prostate gland) may be of benefit in the setting of oligometastatic disease. 

The RESPOND STUDY – Understanding the African American Man’s Risk for Prostate Cancer

If you are an African American man and have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you can help us better understand the significant differences that African American men have in risk factors for prostate cancer. 

Does Hormone Therapy (ADT) Work?

Through the work of Huggins et al. [1] in 1941, it was shown that metastatic prostate cancer responds positively to an orchiectomy (surgical castration). We now know that there isn’t any other therapy which produces a more reliable regression of both distant and local disease than androgen withdrawal (ADT).