Cancer ABCs ™ has partnered with Perthera, the leading Therapeutic Intelligence Company™, to offer Cancer Thrivers an opportunity to optimize their treatments through cutting edge personalized medicine.  

Not all treatments will work for all tumor types; knowing in advance which treatments might be more effective for your specific tumor will allow you and your doctors to make better treatment decisions.   Cancer Thrivers with any type of cancer diagnosis with solid tumors now have an opportunity, through this cooperative partnership; to have their individual tumors profiled using the Perthera Report™ with Perthera’s multi-omic analysis.

Cancer ABCs and a Perthera Coordinator will work with you so that your tumor tissue can be profiled and reviewed by Perthera's Medical and Scientific Tumor Board to generate a personalized Perthera Report.  Your personalized report will provide you and your doctor with precisely matched therapeutic options based upon your individual multi-omic molecular data, and your medical and treatment history. Both “On” and “Off” FDA label treatments, as well as clinical trials, ranked for the highest probability of best outcome will be provided to you and your doctor.

Because of the special relationship Cancer ABCs has developed with Perthera, you might have little or no direct costs for this personalized medical opportunity.  

How the Process Will Proceed

1.  Contact Cancer ABCs To Get the Process Going



2. Ordering, Consenting, and Processing of Tissue Samples (see the flow chart below)

•  A Physician Orders the Perthera Report for the patient

•  A Perthera Coordinator will call or meet with the patient to review Perthera’s process and to consent patients

•  With the signed Perthera Report Order Form and signed patient consents, Perthera sends the tissue request to pathology

•  Hospital sends tissue to Perthera using Perthera’s prepaid shipping tissue kit

•  Perthera prepares and sends tissue samples out for multi-omic molecular testing


3. Multi-omic molecular data, patient treatment history, and medical history are collected and input into Perthera’s Therapeutic Intelligence Engine™

•  A Perthera Coordinator collects patient treatment and medical history and enters it into the Perthera Therapeutic Intelligence Engine

•  Perthera’s computational biology team receives the multi-omic molecular data and enters it into the Perthera Therapeutic Intelligence Engine

•  Patient’s treatment, medical history, and multi-omic molecular profile are compared against millions of datasets in the Perthera’s Therapeutic Intelligence Engine which is comprised of Perthera’s eight ICESA™ Databases for extended survival and quality of life.

•  Perthera’s Therapeutic Intelligence Engine generates the Perthera Report which precisely matches cancer patients with multiple therapeutic options ranked by highest probability of best outcome.


4. Perthera Report patients’ outcome data is continuously collected and updated in the Therapeutic Intelligence Engine’s ICESA Patient Outcomes Database to strengthen the accuracy of the Perthera Report.


5. Perthera’s Every-patient Real-time Tumor Board™, comprised of recognized cancer-type specific physicians and scientists from major cancer institutions, assesses and approves the Perthera Report for return to the physician.


6. The final Perthera Report is faxed, emailed, or delivered to the physician, the patient, and any oncologist or pathologist indicated on the Perthera Report Order Form or consent forms.


There is no longer any need for you to have to rely on nonspecific, one size fits all, treatment recommendations.  You are no longer just an oncology patient whose biopsy reveals that you have cancer and then offered a treatment to which only a small percentage of people respond, often with a negligible survival benefit and significant side effects.  You should do better, and now you can.


The Perthera Precision Medicine Workflow 

Perthera Work Process.png