Not All Facts Are Knowledge

-T.S. Eliot

— Not All Knowledge Is Wisdom

-Bart Kamen, MD, Ph.D.

— It is our job to sort out the Facts, the Knowledge and most importantly, the Wisdom 

 -Joel T Nowak


In the chaos of treatments, surviving and even “normal life” may we find peace.

In the celebration of moments of cure, remission, or just one more day, may we find joy unaffected by life’s ups and downs.

And in spite of, or perhaps because of a diagnosis or a loss, may we find wholeness. 

-Rev. JoAnne S. Morris


Remember, that every journey begins with that first step.   Then, after that step comes another and another.  Take each step one at a time.  Take each step with determination and focus.


Every meal is a banquet and every day a celebration.  Go out and eat and dance.


Life is full of potholes, cancer is just one of those we face as we go on our journey.  Find ways to go around them, better yet to pave over them so that your journey is smooth and straight.


Look always forward, but live in the present.


There is life after cancer.  It is a different life, make it one that is more passionate, loving, sensitive and also stronger and more defiant.


Cancer teaches us that we are strong, even when we are at our very weakest moments.


Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of great strength.


I am here today, so today is a good day.


Refuse to live in fear.  Choose to live your life as a majestic and royal  lion


If treatment knocks you down get back up on your feet and take that next step.

Always remember, you have the greatest gift, the gift of life.


Please send us your wisdom or meditations that you use to guide your life with cancer.  We will share them with the world.