Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program (CDMRP-PCRP)

The Congressionally Directed Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program is one of the most effective federally funded prostate cancer research programs.  It has a long history of funding cutting edge prostate cancer research.  -The Prostate Cancer Research Program prioritizes research that will 1) distinguish aggressive from indolent disease in men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, 2) develop strategies to prevent progression to lethal prostate cancer, 3) develop effective treatments and address mechanisms of resistance for men with high risk or metastatic prostate cancer, and 4) develop strategies to optimize the physical and mental health of men with prostate cancer. The focus areas for funded research include bio-marker development, genetics, imaging, mechanisms of resistance, survivorship and palliative care, therapy, and tumor and micro-environment biology.

Cancer ABCs, through its members and the CEO/Executive Director, have a long history of serving both as scientific peer reviewers as well as on the Programmatic Committee which makes all the final funding recommendations and develops the award mechanisms. 


The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project

Cancer ABCs is one of the founding members of the Prostate Cancer Project.  The other founding partners are Harvard University, MIT, The Broad Institute, Prostate Cancer International, and Mr. Jack Whelan. 

The project has received IRB approval.  It will gather prostate cancer Thriver's medical records, DNA samples from blood, tissue, and saliva and then match the genetic information to individual treatment outcomes.  The project will create a library from this information which will be available to the entire research community.

The project will also feedback any trends identified to all men who participate in the study.  It is possible that with a consultation with your medical professional you might be able to better understand your own cancer. 

Within the first two months of receiving IRB approval we have signed up over 225 men. 

For more information about the project send a request to:  To begin the registration process go to:

PROTECT and TRANSLATE Clinical Trials

Cancer ABCs has been actively working with the sponsor of these trials. Cancer ABCs works to make sure that as clinical trials are developed the patient perspective and the patient’s concerns are always considered first and foremost in the design of the trial.


We have received funding from Stand-Up To Cancer to launch this trial. This is a single arm study that will evaluate atezolizumab with ADT, abiraterone and SBRT in 42 men with newly diagnosed hormone sensitive prostate cancer. It will evaluate the potential of combining SBRT with an anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy. Cancer ABCs is working with researchers at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center and Columbia University Medical Center. The coordinating agency is the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial Consortium.