Helping Children With Cancer Know What To Expect

The Imaginary Friend Society is a short film series geared to help children diagnosed with cancer.  These short films are designed to help children understand what cancer is, some of the tests they might have, some of the treatments they may encounter; like chemotherapy and radiation, their emotional responses to having cancer, and what type of treatment side effects they could experience. 

These animated videos are all child-friendly, light, fun to watch and most informative.  They provide an excellent, entertaining way to have a diagnosed child better understand “all the big scary words and experiences” they will encounter as they proceed through a cancer diagnosis and their treatment protocols.

These videos, are informative and can serve as an excellent springboard for parents to begin to have a dialogue with their child about what to expect as they go through the cancer journey.

Although designed for children, we feel that these videos will also help adults (both caregivers and diagnosed adults) better understand some of what they might encounter on their cancer journey. 

The following topics are featured in an individual video and are viewable at The Short Videos

Finding Out You Have Cancer

Feeling Sad

What is Cancer

What is an MRI? 

Blood Transfusions



Losing Your Hair

Why Am I Tired All The Time?

Who Will Be Taking Care Of Me?

Feeling Angry

How To Handle Shots


Long Hospital Stays

Being By Yourself

Being Scared

Returning To School

Staying Friends With Your Friends

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation produced these videos.