On Being Diagnosed With Cancer - An Introduction

 When you are told you have cancer, or even a second or third cancer, it shouldn’t surprise you that you are feeling apprehensive, even fearful.  You might even feel as if you have been run over by a train; it is to be expected because you have been run over by an emotional train.   This train will continue down the tracks, and you will need to decide whether you will be traveling in first class or third class.  The class you travel in is your choice; so make the determination that you are a first class rider on your cancer journey.

Remember, you are no sicker the day after you received your diagnosis than you are on the day before your diagnosis!  Being diagnosed does not make you sicker. It means that you are on your way to becoming healthier.  Now that you know that you have cancer or another cancer, you can start taking action to control it. 

If you do have cancer, getting a diagnosis is a good thing because it allows you to take back control of your health.  Receiving the diagnosis means that you are in a better position than you were when you didn’t know you had cancer.  Don't be glad that you have cancer, but be glad that you have the diagnosis, that you know about it, and can begin to deal with it.

Those of us with multiple cancers know that being diagnosed is not an automatic death sentence (first timers take note of this fact).  We know this because we have lived successfully with cancer and are still here, we are still alive.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer you need only to look to the many multi-cancer THRIVERS to see that we are very much alive and happy despite having cancer. 

It may seem odd, but many multi-cancer THRIVERS report that they often celebrate their older cancer diagnoses because it means that they are still alive now to be able to have another cancer.  Yes, this is a little macabre, but it is very true.  We celebrate our life, which includes our cancer(s), most importantly we celebrate that we are alive despite having cancer. 

Having cancer will change your life and the lives of your friends and family.  There will be ups and downs, but you can now retake control and direct your life so that it is full of hope, love, and joy