Prostate Cancer

Black Men with Prostate Cancer Do Better with Radiation Than White Men

Recently released and unexpected findings have been announced, contrary to previous understandings, black men who received primary radiation therapy to treat their prostate cancer had lower rates of biochemical cancer recurrence than white men.  They also had a lower rate of developing distant metastasis.  These findings are from data coming from the randomized RTOG trials and were reported at the American Society of Radiation Oncology by Daniel Spratt, MD, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  

Making this finding even more interesting is the finding that Black men do better when they receive Provenge than white men      

Both of these findings point out that there are likely differences in the underlying prostate cancer disease between Black and White men.  However, this conclusion does not negate the fact that Black men have less access to treatment than White men, a fact that needs to be corrected, especially given the circumstances indicated in these two conclusions that Black men do well when given treatment.      

By Joel T. Nowak

Robotic v Open Prostate Cancer Surgery

A recent study, published in the Lancet Oncology compared robotic to open prostate cancer surgery (prostatectomy). The study found that over a two-year period both forms of surgery produced equivalent results for preserving erectile function and urinary continence.   However, there were some differences.

Hormone Therapy Negatively Impacts African American Men

  A study found that African American men had a higher rate of death from non-prostate cancer problems than non-African American men after receiving short-term hormone therapy (ADT) prior to having brachytherapy (seeds). There are significant implications beyond this research.